Inspiration is our seed,
passion is our fuel.

Our Team

Get to know us!

We are a team passionate about technology and design.

Our company united a group of people with great personality, passionate, young, talented, creative, curious, entrepreneurial and incredibly handsome.

We work with passion making every project an experience, and because of this our results are amazing.

To achieve this we hire people who love what they do, and people who knows that that for every riddle they are willing to create a solution.

Do you want to work with us?

Love what you do
and have fun doing it.

Our Culture

We hire for culture fit and skill potential.

The profile.

We hire for culture fit and skill potential. We want people who are so passionate about what they do that they can’t imagine life doing anything else. We want people who believe that when you are doing what you love, then work becomes play and play becomes work.

Our beliefs.

It is the people who make 4 Acertijos the type of company it is. We believe in a culture of intelligent and determined people. We look for people that every day propose new ideas to create interesting projects that can change the world.

Our philosophy.

The passion, creativity and imagination  without limits is what we live every day. We work on projects that challenge and motivate us to be better. We create innovative digital applications that inspire and attract users due to its excellent functionality and design.

We are a small company
with a big personality!

About Us

Work hard, play hard.

Our History.

4 Acertijos was born in Silicon Valley, California, when two friends and business partners -Jose Valladares and Allan Chao- decided to create a pioneer company in Guatemala. To achieve this, they created a challenge of four riddles that gave people a phone number as a solution, so they could call to apply to a job interview. This is how the company measured potential talent in Guatemala, and, they were able to find the people who filled the required standard for the company. The experiment worked. And now 4 Acertijos is in Guatemala creating the best applications for the world.

What do we do?

We call problems "riddles" and we like to solve them using our inventiveness and cutting-edge technology to find our own solutions. We are passionate about design, website development, mobile, games, and everything related to technology. We strive to unite the most passionate, creative and talented people under one roof to build amazing things together.

Who we are?

In addition to Spanish, English and Mandarin we talk PHP, Python, Java, . NET, iOS, Android and more. We believe that building applications with the highest quality is most important and that's why our services are used by many startups in Silicon Valley. We create software using knowledge, skills, and basic tools to generate a high quality product. We love developing solutions and combining technology with the best design.

We work with
the latest technology.